Ted Kesgar

Ted Kesgar

Current works

Nusa Mascot League

Nusa Mascot League is a competition for Indonesian community mascot characters. I handled the whole tech stack, from dev ops to front-end websites.

The website is available here.

Many of the works are private-scoped (only available for staffs or members), but we have the public GitHub organization here, intended for when we will publish some codes.

I left the staff position at May 2019, but I am still hanging around to maintain and develop the tech stuffs.



A web app to display notes in columns, originally created as sprint retrospective tool.

javelin screenshot


An Arknights UI generator to put your favourite character image instead of the video game characters.

ark-royal screenshot

Open source packages


acall is a small utility to force all asynchronous Promise and function calls to have an error handler.


ariadoa is a set of Express.js request handling utilities. Currently it consists of a wrapper to use async functions as middlewares and a helper to test middlewares.


chihiro is an implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0.


haru is a utility to serialize scrypt and PBKDF2 hashes as JSON. It is useful to store passwords.


reno is a utility to load environment variables from a set of .env files.


sharo is my personal Next.js boilerplate, containing just enough things to start with. It consists of several packages:

  • @tkesgar/sharo-babel: Babel shareable configuration for sharo

  • @tkesgar/sharo-next: Next.js plugin for sharo

  • eslint-config-sharo-scripts: ESLint shareable configuration for sharo

  • stylelint-config-sharo: stylelint shareable configuration for sharo

  • GitHub


Interaction between fluid and solid body surfaces in fluid simulation using material-point method

This is a paper I created as part of my bachelor's thesis, accepted for publication in ICOIACT 2018. The source code of implementation demo program is also available.

Older works

For a more complete list, feel free to visit my GitHub profile.


Open source packages

  • futaba: store SHA hash as JSON
  • sharo-scripts: old version of sharo boilerplate dependencies
  • replacer-brunch: string replacer plugin for Brunch
  • brunch-plain-simple: Brunch boilerplate
  • umanohone: scraper for Gramedia page