Ted Kesgar

Ted Kesgar

Current projects

Active open source packages


Implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0.


Simple secure hash interface.


Simple general-purpose hash interface.


This is a boilerplate repository I find useful as starting point for my projects. To make maintenance easier, I split the dependencies into small packages.

The repository is available on GitHub.


  • @tkesgar/sharo-babel: Babel shareable configuration for sharo

  • @tkesgar/sharo-next: Next.js plugins pack for sharo

  • eslint-config-sharo-scripts: ESLint shareable configuration for sharo


Interaction between fluid and solid body surfaces in fluid simulation using material-point method

This is a paper I created as part of my bachelor's thesis, accepted for publication in ICOIACT 2018. The source code of implementation demo program is also available.

Inactive projects

Nusa Mascot League

Nusa Mascot League is a competition for Indonesian community mascot characters. I handled the whole tech stack, from dev ops to front-end websites.

The website is available here.

Many of the works are private-scoped (only available for staffs or members), but we have the public GitHub organization here, intended for when we will publish some codes.

I formally left Nusa Mascot League at May 2019, but still maintain the website until the current 2019 season ends.

Black Loli in a Box

Submission for Global Game Jam 2015.


Submission for Global Game Jam 2016.

JPX (Jasa Penyelamatan eXpress)

Submission for Global Game Jam 2018. (I am working as illustrator instead of my usual role as programmer in this project.)

Tebak Nusantara

Submission for 2012 Compfest Edugames Challenge.

Crossy Road Clone Challenge

This is a Crossy Road clone created as part for my internship acceptance in Nightspade.


This is an app to download images from Facebook public albums.


Perhaps the easiest and fastest aestheticizer (used to be) available.

Inactive open-source packages


Scraper for Gramedia online shop page. Not working anymore due to big layout changes in the website (changed from server-side rendered using ColdFusion to React).


String replacer plugin for Brunch. Not maintained anymore.