Ted Kesgar

Ted Kesgar

Hello, I am:

  • an ITB graduate with a bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering
  • currently living in Bogor, West Java, ID
  • 「nonani」

Aside of my daily job, I work on websites while writing comics in my spare time. Previously I used to be a video game programmer, having done an internship in a local game company in 2015, as well as attending 2015, 2016, and 2018 Global Game Jam in Bandung.


Be careful with accounts named "tkesgar" or "nonani" outside of those listed above. It might not be me!


Here, if you need one.


You can contact me via Facebook messenger, Twitter DM, or email. You can also send a message on 「nonani」 page for art-related messages.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of my works:

  • Active works I'm currently working on or maintain

    • Projects

      • Nusa Mascot League: a competition for Indonesian community mascot characters; I am in charge of the whole tech stack, from dev ops to front-end websites

        • Website (coming soon)
        • Most of the works are private-scoped (only available for staffs or members), but we have the public GitHub organization here.
  • Open-source packages

    • @tkesgar/chihiro: an implementation of JSON-RPC 2.0

    • @tkesgar/haru: password hashing made even more simpler

    • sharo: boilerplate for creating websites

      • GitHub
      • Subpackages:

        • sharo-scripts: master dependency for sharo, a la react-scripts

        • @tkesgar/sharo-next: Next.js plugins pack

  • Archived works I am not working anymore

    • Projects

    • Open-source packages

      • umanohone: scraper for Gramedia shop page (not working anymore)

      • replacer-brunch: string replacer plugin for Brunch (not maintained anymore)

For artworks, please visit 「nonani」.

About this page

This website is created using Next.js using configurations from @tkesgar/sharo-next, exported and served in my personal server. It is certainly overkill for a single read-only page to use React, but at the time of this writing I don't have time to learn other frameworks, duh.

The source code is available here.